Remote real time Blood Sugar Monitoring

Connect Health Solutions in association with Telcare delivers the world's first GSM based Blood Glucose Monitoring Device. We all want to live simpler, healthier lives. If you have been diagnosed with diabetes, Connect Health Solutions is here to help. So you control your condition. It doesn't control you.

Because you have a life to live

For a person living with diabetes, this means immediate feedback after each blood sugar reading, time stamped logging, real time teachable moments and clinical support when required.

Accessible & concise patient data

Get a clear, effortless picture of your patient. Our system delivers patient data in a highly accessible format.

Blood glaucous monitor
  • img1  Charts

    Timely clinical guidance is a challenge when doctors lack visibility of day-to-day changes in a patient’s health. Telcare eliminates this obstacle by providing actionable patient insights at the right time in the right form. Notifications and easy-to-read charts and graphs support monitoring beyond the office visit. Doctors are now empowered to provide guidance and encouragement when it’s needed most. Telcare provides multiple channels for you to engage your members. Telcare can be seamlessly integrated into a health plan’s care management strategy, including connecting with third-party population health solutions. The result is members who feel taken care of and not treated like a number. Better compliance and clinical outcomes are the result.

  • img2  Messages

    Immediately after each test with the cellular-enabled meter, patients receive personalized, contextual messaging right on the meter’s screen, which helps influence behaviour at the most teachable moment. In response to specific levels of blood sugar readings, triggered messages can be automatically generated. There’s also a custom messaging tool that lets clinicians send individual messages to the meter, a mobile, or email address. For people with diabetes, there are multiple libraries for Type 2, Type 1, and gestational patients, all designed to provide personalized engagement.

  • img2  Saves Time

    Make visits more effective: Clinic visits for patients with chronic conditions are often focused on review of patient logs with little time for meaningful dialogue. Through simple integration with your practice management workflow, Telcare makes it straightforward to monitor your chronically ill patients. Time-stamped readings allow you to monitor patients beyond the office. With timely insights and two-way messaging, office visits can be focused on more important opportunities for proactive care.

We connect your entire circle of care

We supply the industry’s only cellular glucometer, Sophisticated technology with a personalized approach

Telcare is the first cellular-enabled solution that connects everyone who can help you manage your condition: healthcare professionals, clinical services, educational resources, and your network of family and friends. We send you messages and reminders, along with personalized education, and we keep your doctor in the loop with timely updates on your health. You can also allow family and friends who are caregivers access to critical health data. The goal is simple: to make managing your health a routine, not an obstacle.

Everybody Benefits

When you have a chronic condition, you’re certainly not alone. A lot of people care about you.

We ensure that each of them can give you the support you need and have confidence you’re in good hands.

  • Your Clinical Team

    Have easy and timely access to critical patient data that helps them partner with you to more effectively manage your health

  • Your Family

    Your family get peace of mind, knowing that you and your clinical team are actively managing your condition.

  • Your Friends

    Your friends get peace-of-mind, knowing that your condition is under control allowing you to enjoy life and have fun.

  • Your Health Plan

    Your health plan gets a satisfied member because they’re helping you take care of your condition.

  • Your Employer

    Your employer gets a healthier employee who is more productive and dependable.

  • Your Self!

    Control and peace-of-mind in relation to the management of your condition.


12th Nov 2019


NHSX Driving forward the digital transformation of Health and Social care.


Here at CHS we are delighted to have been invited to interview with the NHSX on the 11th December in order to help them better understand the greatest barriers we face in the supply of digital care innovations.

NHSX is leading the largest digital health and social care transformation programme in the world. With investment of more the £1billion pounds a year nationally and a significant spend locally.

4th Nov 2019

Diabetes Strain on NHS

Diabetics account for 1 in 10 Hospital admissions

4th nov

Professor Helen Stokes-Lampard says Diabetes puts a huge strain on GP surgeries.

Warning a ‘steady increase ‘ increase in new cases is creating significant problems

16th Sept 2019

Health Innovation Manchester

CHS relate to Health Innovation Manchester ( HInM )


Connect Health Solutions have discussed with Pro. Bridgewater, CEO of Health Innovation Manchester and his team the advantages of deploying new solutions ( Telcare Real Time Blood Glucose Metre ) to improve the health and wellbeing of people with Diabetes within the Greater Manchester area.

5th Sept 2019

The Great Western Hospital

CHS UK receive Letter of Intent from The Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Swindon


The Great Western Hospital NHS Foundation Trust Swindon have now contractually agreed to support CHS UK in delivering care to between 350 and 600 people with Diabetes in 3 main areas; Gestational, Community Care and Post Gestational over the next 12-month period.

The developments we have made during the last few months and the shift in culture within some of the CCG's across the country have allowed CHS to engage and deliver primary care within the diabetes community effectively and efficiently whilst providing the very highest level of care, coupled with confidence and deliverability to patients, care providers and stakeholders.

Hugely positive steps for the industry as a whole and CHS as pioneers in the GSM based technology, the blue print is being laid to assist all CCG's across the country in delivering the NHS's long term plan!

4th Sept 2019

Health & Care Innovation

CHS UK invited to attend Health and Care Innovation Expo 2019


A fantastic day for the CHS team attending the biggest NHS-led event of the year; focusing on bringing the NHS long term plan to life!

Exciting times for the CHS team, as key note speakers and clinicians focus on improvements for patients and service users across the health and social care sector with the main emphasis on delivering effective patient centric care.

Great to hear what Simon Stevens, Chief Executive of NHS England and Matt Hancock MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social care had to say about the future of health care and the importance of supporting the third sector and commercial sector to deliver their long term plan for the NHS.


18th July 2019

NHS Great Western Hospital

NHS Great Western Hospital Deployment

NHS Great Western Hospital

Connect Health Solutions welcomed the DSN’s from NHS Great Western Hospital to our Real time BGM portal demonstration. We intend to deploy our Real Time BGM to their entire Gestational Diabetes cohort.

4th Apr 2019

Aston University

Large scale deployment of real time BGM with "Virtual Diabetes Clinic"


Connect Health have agreed terms with Aston University and will deliver a real time blood glucose pilot in “The older person “ leading Diabetes experts Professor Alan Sinclair ( Clinical Scientist and Diabetes specialist – founder of “Diabetes frail “ ) and Dr Bellary ( Clinical Director for Diabetes ) will head up the study to establish output data in improved patient care and clinical cost savings.

6th Dec 2018

AHSN Network

Rural Health and Care Innovation Exchange

Birmingham Heartlands Birmingham

Connect Health were delighted to have been invited by AHSN Network to exhibit at East Midlands Rural Health and Care Innovation Exchange.

We have been actively piloting our real time blood glucose technology in the rural community.

24th May 2018

Birmingham Heartlands Hospital

Birmingham Heartlands Birmingham

CHS are delighted to have be given the opportunity to meet with two of the country’s leading Diabetes experts Professor Alan Sinclair ( Clinical Scientist and Diabetes specialist – founder of “ Diabetes frail “ ) and Dr Bellary ( Clinical Director for Diabetes ).

CHS have learnt that Birmingham Heartlands has a diverse cohort of Diabetes care. We have started discussions to deploy our Diabetes Telemetry into the following areas. Gestational Diabetes, Renal Diabetes ( under the guidance of Dr Bellary ) and Diabetes in the older person ( under the guidance of Professor Sinclair ).

This opportunity into these alternate cohorts will prove to be very positive for both patient and care team.

23rd May 2018

Digital Health and Care Institute Scotland

Digital health and Care Glasgow

CHS met with the DHI Scotland and have discussed a strategic partnership to enable digital health in Diabetes care to be widely adopted across NHS Scotland. Given the geographical landscape of the Scottish boarders we feel that using remote blood glucose monitoring will bring comfort and increased levels of care to the whole community in both primary and secondary care.

10th April 2018

Ulster General Hospital

Large scale deployment of real time BGM with “ Virtual Diabetes Clinic “


Connect Health Solutions are delighted to be integrated in the ground breaking delivery of a large scale deployment of its Telcare real time BGM within Ulster General Hospitals “ Virtual Diabetes Clinic ” under the guidance of Dr Harper and his team.

The team will deploy the Telcare real time BGM to the Gestational Diabetes cohort in order to significantly improve patient care, adherence to blood glucose testing and deliver a secure improvement in communication between patient and clinician.

This will result in significant cost savings as it reduces the amount of time spent by nurses and midwives on administrative tasks and allows for accurate auditing of BGM data to improve patient outcomes.

17 Jan 2018

NHS Wales

YYF & Royal Gwent Hospital have engaged in a deployment and strategic role out of the CHS UK (Telcare) real time diabetes monitoring program in gestational diabetes under the leadership of Janice Moses (DSN) with the evaluation under the guidance of Dr Julie Platt – National Clinical Lead NHS Wales

15 Nov 2017

Diabetes Professional Care 2017 - DPC

IMG_9998CHS would like to congratulate Toby and all the team at DPC 2017 for a fantastic event.

We were delighted to re connect with ; Dr Partha Kar ( Associate National Clinical Director for Diabetes, NHS England ) Dr Iain Cranston ( Consultant Diabetes Physician, Portsmouth NHS Trust ) Charles Fox ( Physician, R&D unit, Northampton General Hospital ). The presentations delivered were both informative and inspiring.

The presentation by Dr Michela Rossi “ Understanding and Managing Gestational Diabetes in primary and secondary care “ has given CHS great belief that delivering the Telcare BGM to the NHS is a technological solution to better patient outcomes and care.


Interesting slide by Dr Iain Cranston at DPC 2017

31 Oct 2017

CHS UK attend event at Nottingham University

CHS UK attend the latest SBRI Healthcare in collaboration with AHSN event at Nottingham University.

Michael Duncan - Diabetes monitoring trialKey notes: solution impact on the clinical care pathway, and how will the care pathway need to be changed in order to deliver system-wide benefits?

How to ensure that the technology will be acceptable to patients (and their families) and to healthcare workers? How could these groups be involved in the development of the innovation? How to ensure that the technology is affordable to the NHS both immediately and throughout the life of the product? What health economics evidence will the NHS require before the technology can be adopted?

20 Oct 2017

The Diabetes Times " Audit report "

Pregnant women with Diabetes face unacceptable standards of care. Only one in 12 women with diabetes are receiving all three key recommended pre -pregnancy health measures, according to an audit looking at the standard of care in expectant mothers.

13 Oct 2017

Unacceptable standards of care with the NHS !

Pregnant women with Diabetes face unacceptable standards of care.

Eddie Stobart

Connect Health Solutions are pleased to announce that we have jaoined with Eddie Stobart to run a pilot Scheme for the diabetics among the work force.

Download Professional Driver Empowered Diabetes management programme

Initial Evaluation

Connect Health Solutions are pleased to be working with Dr Roy Harper and his team from the Ulster Hospital, Belfast..

We are very pleased to announce that Dr Harper has completed a pilot study within “ Gestational Diabetes “ of which the results will offer ground breaking benefits for the patient and care giver.

Please download our white paper here

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